[1] - episode 10 season 3

Finally, TVD are back online, and so am I :D
Honestly, I wanted just to share with you guys these icons, though I know that a lot of you already updated your icon-list with the last episode goodies ^^ So, I'll just stop talking, aaaand here is what I have for you today:

[47] - all from episode 10, with Damon, Elena, Tyler, Klaus, Alaric, all them apart and/or together :)
+ 4 animated icons (mostly with my fav moments from the episode)


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Mid-season finale :)

I will not say that this was the best mid-season finale, but still it gave us some veeery nice scenes))
The main question is: where the hell was my fav history teacher all the show time?! Already gone for Christmas vacation? Damn, if he was...)
As for the rest, it was a good twist to kill Mikael (I kinda didn't expect this, thought he'll last more episodes), as well as Stefan with "members" of Originals at the very end with all his it's-time-for-revenge face :D
I really-really liked Damon & Elena together during the whole time) btw, did you notice that all their important moments are in Elena's bedroom or in Salvatore living room with fireplace? :)))

Ok, back to icons!
Today I have for you almost every character, including DE, Katherine, Stefan, Mikael, Tyler, Caroline, Rebekah and even Klaus :D
And as usual, a couple of animated icons - this time only Delena, with a long non-LJ-friended animated bonus with that scene ;)

Here we go:

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season 3 episode 8 icon post

Ok, this was quite an interesting episode, though I have more questions (as usual) than answers ^^
Still, it gave us not only some info, but several amazing scenes. And this includes not only my fav trio - R.E.D. -> Ric Elena Damon :D, but cats Salvatore "fight" and their bar trip :) And, not to mention the last scene of the episode! Now that was sweet and cozy, and I do really hope nothing and nobody will ruin this relationship by the end of season)))

So, what do I have for you today!
A bunch of Delena icons, for sure, Ric, of course, and Originals)
And as usual some animated icons with non-LJ-friendly looooong -Damon animated icon with the very last seconds of him watching Elena falling asleep *hearts*


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knock-knock? =)

Missed me? ;)

So, how do you like 3rd season so far?
I've enjoyed a couple of scenes, and this day post is exactly of some of them)

What do you have today is a lot, and I mean a LOT Delena icons, from 3x05 and 3x06 episodes, plus some Ric and my favorite girl Katherine; also, you'll find there Stefan and the gang, aaaaand, of course, seven animated icons with my lovely characters, and this includes Elena and Ric as well ^^
Hope you'll enjoy them!

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big, and I mean BIG, post ;D

Ok, seems like I'm back with my inspiration, which is nice :D Because I really didn't like the fact that my lovely VD community was abandoned for so long time. Maybe upcoming S3 is the reason I'm posting here? I wonder))))
And I need to change here some layouts, anyone? This one is cool, but a fresh air would help))

Well, so, I made quite a big pack of icons, and first wanted to cut them into 2 posts.
but then I've changed my mind, so here you go with all this goodies.

And, of course, a BIG one - ENJOY!
Comments are simply <3!

x35 - from latest (and one of the coolest) photoshoots for Rolling Stone;
x10 - from Teen Choice Awards Portraits with Nina and Ian;
x25 - from Teen Choice Awards Show with trio aka Team Awesome)));
x07 - out and about with Nina;
x03 - from Comic Con portraits.

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I've seen Klaus! XD

Oh, I bet you've all seen him! He looks scary and sexy for sure. And I'm definitely in love with his clothes ^^
For the last couple of days we've seen a lot of spoilers from upcoming last season 6 episodes. I really, really don't want Alaric to be killed!
Btw, if you look closely @ those stills with Isobel and Elena (and where Isobel screams), I think it'd be the last time we see Elena's mother alive, becasue seems like she took off her necklace by herself O_o At least, her hands are saying said, even if Isobel is standing face to Elena and we don't actually see what exactly she's doing. Elena looks totally surprised though... ok, well, that was my speculation theory.

Now back to icons)))
What do I have for you today:

x42 - various episodes (including upcoming)
x04 - Rodelio Astudillo photoshoot with Nina
x04 - behind the scenes photos

Also animated icons from the latest promo with that famous Alaric vs. John scene =))
and, as usual, looong non-LJ-friendly bonus))

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I'm aliiive!

Yes, it's been a looong time since my last post, and I'm soooo sorry, that I simply vanished... >.<
I think I'm going to say this again, but I'm back on track!
And with a new layout for my community! I simply adore Nina, and it's always getting beautiful with different pictures of her) How do you guys like this version (#3) all spring and bright?

So, being back doesn't mean only re-styling, it means new icons!
I couldn't missed all those new stills and photoshoots, and I also remember that I took icon requests, and postponed that as well =/ *forgive me*

Ok, enough words, what do you have from me today, a mix of:

[x10] - the Last Dance, episode 2x18,
[x04] - the House Guest, episode 2x16,
[x08] - Nina shoot for Teen Vogue,
[x08] - Nina shoot for InStylegermany,
[x01] - Know Thy Enemy, episode 2x17,

[x01] - Alaric request for twilightthief
[x03] - Brady request for jenr925

Hope you'll like them ;)

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it's a long, loooong story

*just don't look to much @ this post icon *drolls*...I told you, stop looking*

And to be back on topic =) Are you still here? ;)
I was soooo pleased with this episode: hot-shower-wet-naked-gorgeus-Damon scene, lots of action, drama, mystery, Katherine *yay, I missed that girl!* - everything I was waiting for after being almost forced not to trust anymore in promos (and you know what I mean). Plus, I really want to end this werewolfs arc, mostly because of Tyler. Not sure what this boy was thinking, but I don't trust his caracter from now on.
Elijah, you are a man of your words!
Elena was sweet, and maybe jealous =D

So, for today you have:

x30 - from episode 2x13 and 2x15 stills.
@ twilightthief , I put more Alaric in this post as a request, more black&white to come, hope you like these :)

x10 - Candice photoshoot for CH2 Magazine.

and, as promised,

x8 - animated icons from 2x12 and 2x13 with a non-LJ, but still friendly, bonus!
for 2x13 animated icons I used crowandfog's gif's, which I thank for <3!


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Ian Somerhalder for tvdcast20in20

Ok, before I make another, and I expect BIG $), post with static aaaand, taaa-dammm, animated icons, here you go with my result of tvdcast20in20 challenge.
My claim was Ian Somerhalder <3

Author note: I was bit unsure of what exactly to do for One Color category, because I did several variants, but decided to leave this "almost orange" color))

Hope you guys like, and as usual, ENJOY! <3

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